Half day / 45 €
Full day / 85 €

Guided trek.
Grooming and tacking of the horse by the riders themselves.
Good horse riding skills and fitness required.


L'heure / 20 €

Sortie accompagnée en petit groupe en balade.
Beginners welcome.
Grooming and tacking of the horse by the riders themselves with our help.

Trek with side leader

1 hour / 15 €
1/2 hour/ 10 €

Unaccompanied trek with a pony led by an adult.
Grooming and tacking of the horse with our help.

Livery (living outdoors)

250€ month

We offer livery for your horse in a field with shelter. The horses will benefit from an unlimited supply of hay in the fields and they are brought in once a day for their cereal (usually organic barley) and healthcare. You will have the structure of the Domaine at your disposition and our team will be happy to give you any guidance you require.

You will find the Domaine de Fraisse a very welcoming environment.

Livery (stable and paddock)

350 € / month

We offer livery in stables of 4m x 4m and individual paddocks with the facilities designed for the wellbeing of the horses and their riders.

The horses are put out to paddock during the day time and in the stable over night.

They have access to unlimited organic hay both in stable and paddock. To compliment the hay we suggest our organic barley, crushed and fed to your horse in accordance with its daily needs. 

For bedding we offer a choice of straw or wood shavings and the stables benefit from 24h/24h video surveillance

You have access to the ensemble of the faclities at the Domaine de Fraisse (riding arenas, club house, changing rooms, tack rooms with individual lockers, ...) and the experience of the team here to guide you when working with your horse.



Group lessons / adults

1 lesson / 20 €

Lessons in small groups (6 to 8 participants) offering an ethological approach to horse riding and handling in parallel with conventional methods.

Group lessons / Ponies

18€ hour

Group lessons for children from the age of 5.
Using a fun approach we offer initiation lessons for your children in all equestrian activities.

Individual lessons / adults

50€ hour

We offer you the chance to work on both the classic and ethological methods of horsemanship as well as with the horse in hand.
This type of lesson is suited to the needs of those who would like to evolve in a specific area.

Cours individuels adaptés / médiation

1 hour / 45 €
1/2 hour / 25 €

We offer adapted lessons with the objective of bringing a well-being to people with a handicap. Using the horse as a meditator can help with the contact, the emotions and the communication. The tailored activities are adapted to the issues of each individual which allows us to establish an atmosphere which is calm and of the highest quality.
If you are a professional working in the field of healthcare or schooling our team are available to discuss your needs and put together a quote specifically for you.